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Molecular Modeling, is one of the fastest growing fields in science. It may vary from building and visualizing simple molecules (in 3-Dimensions) to performing complex computer simulations on large protein molecules. Using various molecular modeling software, one can visualize, rotate, manipulate, and optimize models on a computer display. Although some calculations can be performed in a few seconds other calculations on molecules, using even the largest computers, can take weeks or months to complete.

The software package shown below is called Mage --the image shown is that of C-60, also known as a Buckyball or fullerene molecule. We will discuss more about this molecule in another section (See Carbon 3 ways) .

The software package Mage allows the user to visualize and rotate the molecule in 3-D. It also has tools that allow the user to measure distances and angles.

  To rotate object hold left mouse button down and slide cursor arrow over object

On the next page is a picture of a protein molecule surrounded by water molecules....

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