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_ Carbon Three Ways_=_

 Table of Contents
  Introductory Comments
  What is Molecular Modeling?
  Why is Molecular Modeling Important?
  What do some common molecules look like?
  Where's the Math?
  Carbon 3 Ways
  Carbon Compounds
  Water and Ice
  Water and Ice pt.II
  How to view structures in class or at home
  MathMol Library of Structures.
  Tutorial 1: 1-Dimension, 2-Dimensions, 3-Dimensions...
  Tutorial2: The Geometry of 2 Dimensions..
  Tutorial3: The Geometry of 3- Dimensions
  Tutorial4: The Geometry of Molecules.
  Appendix1: Scientific Notation
  Appendix 2: Mass
  Appendix3: Volume
  Appendix4: Density

Exercise: In the applet below you can view the three types of Carbon -- Graphite, Diamond and fullerenes. Also shown is a nonotube.

-To rotate in 3-D hold left mouse button down and move pointer in window.
To zoom use [Shift] left-click.
T o stop rotation Shift I
For more help right click M


No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.4 support for APPLET!!

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